Cyberpunk 2077: Deus Ex + Crysis + Witcher At A Scale, Graphics Doesn't Look Current-Gen


Press members have been able to give a first look at Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2018, a hands-off session of around 50 minutes that provided them with a premiere of the first-person shooter/RPG from CD Projekt RED.

From this hands-off session, multiple details have slipped in the wait for more in-depth previews, and what we see is amazing as you would expect, even though quite different from the things you could've been anticipating before the E3.

Cyberpunk 2077 Press Impression Are Astonishing

Few interesting particulars about the game have been provided by Game Informer's Andy McNamara, who says on Twitter that "Cyberpunk 2077 is a seamless open world FPS RPG. The city looks crazy with impressive crowds and a clean 80's inspired Cyberpunk vibe."

He commented the demo as he watched it being played at the CD Projekt RED booth at E3 2018, giving first impressions and commenting that – despite being the first person – the title has the trademark of the Polish studio all over it.

"So much detail in the world and this demo is filled with a fair amount of story and choice. CD Red definitely doing their thing here. Seeing high tech shotguns and assault rifles, along with a bunch of other powers," he said.

"Hacking enemies, hanging from walls and pouncing from above with melee attacks. Combat os real-time obviously but your implants give you a world with tons of data overlays on everything. As the demo goes on you really start to feel the world. Looks phenomenal."

In the game, we're confirmed to be a character called V, but while the name is already pre-determined we'll be able to customize it and choose between playing as a male or female, choose our past with an effect on the story, too. There are vehicles, like cars and motorcycles, and in that portion, it felt like a GTA game, we're told.

John Linneman, from Digital Foundry, added that the game doesn't even look possible to be running on current-gen like systems, as it is incredibly good looking with a level of details that don't have any competitor now.

"I can't even imagine this being current gen. Like holy shit. It's like Deus Ex + Crysis + Witcher at a scale and level of detail that I've never seen," he says on Twitter.

Cyberpunk 2077, in the meantime, still doesn't have a release date. So the idea that it could be coming as a next-generation game instead of being released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 doesn't look really up in the air.

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