Rage 2 To Offer "Seamless" Gameplay, Here's How It Fixes Original Game’s Mistakes

Rage 2 To Offer Seamless Gameplay

id Software’s Tim Willits has offered a new comment about how Rage 2 is currently shaping up and what the studio has learned from the original game’s mistakes, which were quite a lot, to be honest.

According to Willits, the original Rage ended up being too ambitious in terms of technology and forgot how it was to be fun. This is why, also thanks to Avalanche’s help, they’re going for a completely different path this time around.


“We had the megatexture technology, and we had the open world, but it was really kind of two different things,” Tim Willits told July’s Official PlayStation Magazine.

“It was the wasteland, and you then loaded another level, and then you were in your first-person combat. Well, that’s all gone now. You’re just in the game. Everything is seamless, and together, and you can engage in combat the way you want. The promise of Rage is delivered in Rage 2.”

The game is indeed quite promising, especially in a moment where other over the top shooters (like Borderlands) are missing in action. It won’t be released until Spring 2019, though, so it’ll still take a bit of time before we can grab it on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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