Remedy Hints At Sequels Coming For Its Stories


During the last few years, Remedy has never really been able to bring its stories forward after building compelling worlds and characters, which has always been rather disappointing considering the quality of the studio.

It has happened with Alan Wake and Quantum Break, but it seems like – now that the studio is following a more independent route – it won’t happen again with Control and the other games it has in the making.


“You always learn on every aspect, definitely on the creative side.But maybe the biggest lessons were on the business and production side,” said CEO Tero Virtala, who was appointed after the Quantum Break debacle, then suggesting that the developer might explore the sequels path in the future.

“We can create excellent games, but the type of games we do with an immersive world and characters, memorable stories – those are typically building blocks in any entertainment business for franchises that could live for a long time. And now for the second time being in a position where we had done all that groundwork and then there was not a possibility to continue those stories… we didn’t want to face that again.”

Later in the same interview, Virtala added that Control, the new intellectual property which got announced at E3 2018 in June, is going to be a very Remedy kind of game.

“It’s a Remedy game. It’s from our creative people who think about what type of stories they would like to tell and what type of games they would like to create. There is a meaning behind it all, and supernatural elements play a role there. All that you see in the game, eventually it will turn out there is a clear reason for that. That’s the driving factor in what type of game we want to make, what’s the game we’re creating. That decides the location and artistic style we are creating.”

Control is coming 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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