Crackdown 3 Delay To 2019 Was Decided By Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Decided Crackdown 3 Delay To 2019

In a feature posted by Eurogamer, where the game is said to be in “a tough spot” again, a quote from Phil Spencer reveals it was him the one who wanted Crackdown 3 to be revealed until it reached a great shape.

Spencer, now the head of Xbox, was a huge fan of the original Crackdown and, while playing the third iteration, he felt it wasn’t up to his expectation as a supporter of the series.


“I might be partially to blame on this one. I'm a huge fan of Crackdown. I played a lot of Crackdown 1. It's one of my favourite Xbox franchises. Earlier in the spring, I got asked by somebody whether it was cancelled. I said no, the team has a date,” Spencer said (via VideoGamer).

“They know the date and they're shooting for it, which was the date I had in my head. And then I started playing the game and it didn't feel right to me. I felt like the game needed more time to reach what I think of as Crackdown, which I think should be a strong Xbox franchise.”

So, Crackdown 3 has already a solid release date planned, although we’ve already been informed about its launch to be fixed at next February. The report by Eurogamer adds that Microsoft won’t give more time to it after the last delay.

At the E3 2018, we learned it is now exclusively in the hands of Sumo Digital, with franchise creator Dave Jones, his Cloudgine company and Ruffian Games out of the project at this stage.

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