Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive Was Originally More Similar To Fortnite


During a recent interview with IGN, Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price has revealed that the original build for Sunset Overdrive was much more similar to Epic Games’ Fortnite.

As shared by Price, Sunset Overdrive was initially based only on tower defensing together with a few friends, playing against hordes of mutants all the way down the locations of the title.


Ultimately, the developer decided to focus on story and other mechanics, but you might remember that the story mode itself also features a few tower defensing sections; so at least you can have an idea of what it was supposed to be about in the early prototypes.

“Our first prototypes were, actually, you building a fort with friends, fighting off hordes of [mutants]. So, very similar to a very popular game today, which we all sort of chuckle about, but the game did morph along the way to something that was more of a story-driven, open world game,” Price said.

"We were trying to determine if it would be possible to grind and have fun shooting the enemies. Because, it sounds easy, right? But when you’re moving, and you’re not actually pushing forward on the joystick, you’re actually moving at a consistent pace and turning, your aim gets really screwed up.

So, how do you actually track something that’s also moving at the same time? So we would have the OD’d... the mutants in the game... start to flood into this junkyard, and it was impossible, it just didn’t work… until we started making cars bouncy."

Sunset Overdrive is now available for Xbox One, also as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription if you want to give it a try. The latest title from Insomniac Games is PlayStation 4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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