Looks Like Stefanie Joosten Is In Death Stranding’s Latest Trailer


Tokyo Game Show 2018 was a good occasion for Hideo Kojima to reveal a brand new trailer for Death Stranding. Even though a bit shorter than the usual, the trailer has some very good stuff to discuss.

First of all, it has been publicized as the trailer revealing Troy Baker’s character, “The Man in the Golden Mask.” For some reason, he summons a huge creature that will attack in a dedicated section of the game Norman Reedus aka Sam, the protagonist.


Second, other actors have been confirmed to be part of the cast and several concept arts by Yoji Shinkawa have been revealed, amazing as usual. Among the new actors we have Tommie Earl Jenkins, who plays Sam’s boss.

The biggest news now is Kojima hid something in Death Stranding’s latest trailer, confirming very briefly that Stefanie Joosten, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s Quiet, is part of the cast even though that’s not been officially stated.

In the trailer, she’s been carried on the back by Sam, and you can very briefly see her face before the camera focuses again on the protagonist and on the man in the golden mask/his creature.

On top of that, youtuber YongYea, who first noticed Joosten in the video, sent her a tweet and, while she was again… err, quiet, her management agency Micky MacTroy kind of confirmed with a thumbs up, a smile and a Dutch flag (the same flag which is in the trailer, on Stefanie’s character) in a retweet.

So that’s enough for a confirmation, but we’ll see probably at a later stage whether Stefanie Joosten’s character will play a major role in the story or if her presence in the game is just an easter egg for Kojima’s fans.

You can see the full trailer below.

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