Bungie files a new trademark for something called "Matter"

Bungie Trademarks Matter

Bungie, the studio behind the popular Destiny and Halo games, has filed a new trademark application for an undisclosed project known only as "Matter."

The application was created on Sept. 28 and filed to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. It was filed under the computer game software and online entertainment services categories, which still leaves the project's identity open to interpretation. This project could be the studio's first new Intellectual Property since the original Destiny was released in 2014.

Bungie Trademarks Matter

Interestingly, Bungie also released a graphic for the project. It shows the word Matter with a sea of multi-colored paint explosions in the background. The graphic might be the project's main logo, or it could be for something else entirely.

Matter could be the first big project to come out of the NetEase investment that happened a few months ago. Bungie received $100 million from the Chinese online gaming company and plans to use that money to create new games for NetEase to publish.

The investment also means that the Destiny series could come to China for the first time. And it gave Bungie the freedom to create multiple franchises at once, instead of using all of the team's efforts solely on a single game like the studio has been doing for the past decade.

Matter could, of course, be entirely separate from the NetEase deal, or it could be the first of many new games to come from Bungie. Until Bungie actually announces whatever it's planning, however, we'll have to wait to see what Matter turns into in the future.

H/T Eurogamer

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