Project xCloud Streaming Won't Replace Xbox Consoles


A couple of days ago, Microsoft has announced Project xCloud, it is a game streaming platform that will allow you to play Xbox video games on smartphone, tablets, and computers.

According to the platform owner, the idea is to allow you to play games with the same quality of a console, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re at the end of the consoles as we know them now.


Corporate Vice President of Xbox Software Engineering Kareem Choudhry told Wired this isn’t happening anyway.

“We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to do in our console ecosystem, and for us to make a cloud offering that fell short of everything that we have there just wasn’t going to be good enough for us. We didn’t crack the bits,” he said.

“They didn’t repackage it. They didn’t reopen it. They didn’t put cloud-specific restrictions on. It is the same experience.”

Whether xCloud is thought as a replacement for the current model of the consoles, he added that “I’m not a fan of the tyranny of ‘or’. We’re going to continue playing in the console space as you know it today.”

 A public beta will be run in 2019 and then we’ll learn more about how this cloud-based video games environment will actually work like.

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