NPD Group Analyst Doesn’t Believe Game Streaming Is The Future


With Google and Microsoft launching their streaming platforms, cloud based gaming has quickly become an important theme in the video games industry.

Anyway, not everyone is convinced about the fact that streaming represents the future of gaming, and among these people we can find the NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella.


“Video, music work well as streaming first mediums, but the challenges of gaming will always make streaming a less satisfactory experience unless ideal internet conditions exist, which just don’t in the U.S.,” Piscatella said on Twitter.

“Streaming is a great secondary way of experiencing content, a bonus. Streaming is a way to allow people to experience their content wherever and allows those that don’t have means to experience content otherwise to access. Content won’t be less expensive, and experience won’t be better. Consoles and PCs may become hubs, but they aren’t going away.”

Anyway, it’ll be an important factor when it comes to allow developers and publishers to make more money out of their games, since they’ll spread wider in comparison with only being on consoles.

“I may think that some saying the future of gaming is 100% streaming are looking to reclaim the % royalty currently paid on content purchased via digital storefronts more than delivering an improved consumer experience.”

Project xCloud gets a public beta in 2019, while Project Stream is already playable for a few testers in the United States. PlayStation Now has been available for multiple years at this stage.

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