A new Diablo game might have just been leaked on Blizzard's merch store

New Diablo Leaked

A brand-new game in Blizzard's insanely-popular Diablo series might have just been leaked in the most unlikely of places—the Blizzard merchandise store.

Heading into BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard has released a ton of merch for people to buy on its store ahead of the actual show. These items included pins, posters, and a whole array of Diablo merch titled "Diablo Reign of Terror." This has led some fans to believe that the new game in the series could be revealed at this year's event, with the title being the Reign of Terror.

New Diablo Leaked

The game could be a new title in the long-running series or even a remake of one of the games. After all, the merch isn't being called Diablo 4 in the store, so anything is possible at this point.

Blizzard has been hyping up a potential new Diablo game for some time now. Anyone who purchased the Blizzard 2018 Goody Bag received a somewhat different-looking Diablo figure. Diablo 3 was also recently given a port to the Nintendo Switch, reminding fans that the series is still on Blizzard's mind.

All of this information should be taken with a grain of salt, though. Blizzard has yet to confirm the existence of a new game in the series and could just be using Reign of Terror as a temporary name, or a name of the merchandise line at the show. If there's a new Diablo game on the way, however, fans will have to sit back and wait for a potential reveal at BlizzCon, which begins Nov. 2.

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