2K Games Studio Led By Former Sledgehammer Michael Condrey On Multiplayer Action Game


A few months ago studio head and co-founder of Sledgehammer, Michael Condrey left Activision and Sledgehammer Games to join 2K Games and build a brand new team to work on a game. While we don’t have details about the name of the game the studio is developing, we do have an idea of what it is working on now.

Thanks to a recent job listing, we learned that the studio’s “first effort is to build a multiplayer and multiplatform AAA action game which will thrill a diverse community of gamers and have fun while doing it.” These details are relevant to defining what the studio is working on right now.

So, if you were expecting some brand new single-player game to be taken care of at this team, you’re going to be disappointed. Given the description, Condrey is going to take advantage of his experience with Activision so he can establish a new franchise in the multiplayer field.

The listing also states they’re looking for someone with “relevant experience,” “strong passion for online multiplayer action games,” and “experience working in multiplayer games or systems.” They could not be more clear for what they’re looking for in a team.

Because the studio is still hiring following the announcement from a few months ago, we’re going to assume their new game, whatever it is, is not releasing soon. It could release in a few years during the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett lifecycle.