Crackdown 3 To Be Playable At X018 FanFest

Crackdown 3 will be playable for the first time this year at the upcoming Xbox FanFest in Mexico City, which will be hosting the much anticipated X018 event with Phil Spencer, and many hosts and announcements.

The news was shared by Xbox Mexico Twitter account, which is slowly revealing more details about what we can expect to be coming at the FanFest, the first ever to be hosted in the country (one is coming soon in my home country, Italy, too).

Crackdown 3 To Be Playable At X018 Fan Fest

"Crackdown 3 joins the list of games that have not come out yet but will be available at the Mexico Xbox FanFest (X0)," the tweet reveals.

Interestingly, this'll be the first time this year that Crackdown 3 will be playable after it suspiciously skipped E3 2018 in June and Gamescom in August.

It's an important step in anticipation of the release of the game which is slated for February 2019, despite not having a solid date (that at this point we expect to come at X018 as one of the few first-party announcements, together with some gameplay).

Hopefully, Sumo Digital has finally managed to put some good stuff together as the series is one of Spencer's most beloved and sure enough deserves more care than it has received until now.

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