343 Industries Fully Supports Halo Showtime TV Show


Recently, we’ve seen that the DOOM Annihilation movie has sparked massive controversy as the creators of the franchise at id Software have tried and distanced themselves from the entire operation.

Luckily enough, that’s not what is happening now with the Halo Showtime TV show, which is being fully supported by the developers behind the game series, 343 Industries.

That’s what we learn from a recent interview with producer Kiki Wolfkill, who seem to be very glad about the fact that Halo is finally getting a TV show after so many efforts which have not been very… productive.

“It’s incredibly exciting for us because it just feels like we have great collaboration and momentum,” said Wolfkill, interviewed by Wccftech.

“And, you know, there have been times during the show when it’s all been focused on the business side of it and contracts, negotiations, all of that. It feels like we’re beyond that stage now and frankly, in the far more gratifying part of the process, which is the creative one.”

As recent history has shown us, it’s never easy to build an entertainment product based on video games, even though things might be changing with Hollywood directors becoming more and more respectful of the medium and the original material.

The Halo Showtime TV show will be granted some creative freedom, even introducing new characters and changing some of the timelines of the original universe built by Bungie and 343 Industries over the course of the saga, but hopefully, that doesn’t have a huge impact on the quality of the product.

Have you looked at who’s going to play Master Chief in the show? It was announced just last week.