343 Industries Teases Halo The Master Chief Collection PC Reveal At Inside Xbox

In an unexpected turn of events, 343 Industries has just launched a teaser for Halo The Master Chief Collection releasing on PC.

The collection has been highly rumored to be coming to the platform, but sure enough we weren’t expecting such an early reveal.

Anyway, this is how it went.

A Reddit user opened a thread saying he would buy some pizza to any of the 343 Industries developers who would be coming to the forums and leave a comment if the MCC gets announced at Inside Xbox.

Then, Ske7ch, community manager on Halo, left a comment asking: “what kind of pizza are we talking about?”.

On top of that, he even tweeted the emoji of a pizza on his personal account, further hinting at the possibility of an announcement.

It is worth noting that Inside Xbox is airing today, March 12, at 11pm CET. So, should all of this not be a joke, the Halo The Master Chief Collection PC reveal could be coming as early as today.

The title is also part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription so, in case it is getting an Xbox Play Anywhere release, you could already have it right away if you’re a subscriber.