Ghost Recon Wildlands' Splinter Cell mention features a surprise tribute to Metal Gear Solid


Ever wonder what it'd be like if your favorite video game heroes intermingled? They'd have to be part of a similar genre, at the very least. For instance, Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher and Metal Gear Solid's many incarnations of Snake would probably get on well together. It's a thought that's probably launched thousands of fanfics, in fact. 

But now you don't have to wonder much about fanfics and the like, because Ghost Recon Wildlands' Splinter Cell mission explores this very idea. The mission features Sam Fisher, voiced by Michael Ironside, as he returns to take on his own operative. There's one cut scene, however, during the mission that has fans talking. 

During the scene, Fisher ruminates on just how "few" of guys like him are left out there (stealth heroes), and talks about one special person: "an army infiltration guy who wore a bandana," who we all know must be Solid Snake (bless his heart. When Fisher hears that Snake has retired, and he's the only one left out there now, it hits him hard. You can see the scene above, expertly captured by Twitter user @Nibellion. 

Video game crossovers like these aren't seen as much as we'd like these days, and to see a gaming great like Fisher taking note of Snake's storied career nearly brings a tear to our eye.

Just see if you can watch the clip without stopping to think about how we've probably seen the last of the "real" Metal Gear Solid games out there forever. Such is life. Hopefully this new mission means we're about to see more of Sam in a new Splinter Cell game, though. Now that would be awesome.

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