Netflix's Castlevania series returns this fall


Ready for more Dracula? More Belmonts? More... Falling? Castlevania? Netflix will be bringing back its blood-soaked tale of vampires, hunters, and all creatures of the night this October. Just in time for Halloween.  

The next block will span eight episodes, doubling the first season that only gave us a taste for blood. An excellent twist on the Castlevania lore with a deep sense of mood and plenty of action, the first season was still over too quickly. Little time spent building characters, their relationships and the terrifying world.

The anime-styled series finds Dracula waging a war against the people of Wallachia after his wife is accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. He rounds up an entire army of demons and malevolent beings to take over the country, killing citizens indiscriminately in the streets, wreaking havoc on the lives of Wallachia. Monster hunter Trevor Belmont takes it upon himself to stave off Dracula's forces, alongside Dracula's half-vampire son Alucard and magic user Sypha Belnades. The vampire fighting trio must also deal with the skeptical people of Wallachia as well.

Filmmaker Adi Shankar's take on the classic video game series was written by Warren Ellis and featured a varied cast of voice actors who brought the colorful Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Count Dracula to life. The series is partly based on an unproduced script for a Castlevania movie also written by Ellis ten years prior, in 2007. That script was an adaptation of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, and major strokes of the story seemed in tact for Netflix's version. It also included several scenes of characters falling through the floor.

Castlevania's second season rises on Netflix on Oct. 26. 

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