PUBG is getting new Deadmau5-inspired skins for Amazon Prime Day


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting two sets of Deadmau5-inspired gear, PUBG Corp revealed at a special Twitch event today.

The PUBG Squad Showdown event kicked off with the reveal of the skins after a performance by Deadmau5 himself. Deadmau5 debuted his new single "Monophobia," and models wearing real life versions of the new gear came out on stage before in-game versions of the skins were shown for the first time.

The Deadmau5 crate will only be available to Twitch Prime members on Prime Day, which is this upcoming Monday, July 16. The skins feature jeans with Deadmau5's logo on them, boots, a Deadmau5 t-shirt, a Deadmau5 hat, a red suit jacket, and a black and red varsity jacket. But not the signature Deadmau5 helmet itself that some had been hoping for.

PUBG previously featured weapon skins inspired and designed by streamers Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and Guy "DrDisRespect" Beahm, but this venture into the world of EDM is new. Deadmau5 is a huge PUBG fan, and he even has a PUBG-themed tattoo of a frying pan on his hand.

The PUBG Squad Showdown is now live and features such popular streamers as Shroud, DrDisRespect, AnneMunition, Chocotaco, chad, Anthony_Kongphan, Ashek, Lil_Lexi, DizzyKitten, Tsm_Viss, Luzu, Tsm_Smak, GoldGlove, GiantWaffle, N0thing, and Trick2g.

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