SEGA Offered Xbox Dreamcast Games, But Microsoft Declined

SEGA Offered Xbox Dreamcast Games, But Microsoft Declined

An interesting report has unleashed on Reddit, hinting at a possible deal between SEGA and Microsoft to have Dreamcast games running on the original Xbox.

Back in the 2000s, Microsoft was launching its first console and was starting to have the first relationships with publishing partners.

According to a report, SEGA was trying to keep the Dreamcast and its userbase alive despite the failure of the platform.

With Xbox raising, chairman Isao Okawa reached multiple times Bill Gates in order to have Dreamcast titles working on the console, so that online experience could be still alive for a time.

It's not clear how SEGA was thinking of making these games work on another console, if it was supposed to happen via a software update or an accessory to attach onto Microsoft's platform.

While the idea was rather neat and could've let the machine take advantage of an important boost in terms of software portfolio, Gates declined in favor of an original games catalogue. 

Also because of that decision, SEGA found itself in a middle of a crisis that could not be repaired anymore, and had to abandon its hardware business.

With Microsoft on an acquisition spree that has involved several PC dev teams like Obsidian and inXile, one could only wonder what could've happened if the deal turned successful.

The story hasn't been confirmed yet and probably won't ever be, but still it's an interesting report if you have a passion for the history of gaming.

SEGA Offered Xbox Dreamcast Games, But Microsoft Declined

Source: ComicBook

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