Far Cry: New Dawn is a post-apocalyptic game coming next February

A new game titled Far Cry: New Dawn has been revealed at The Game Awards 2018—and it looks amazing.

This will be the first Far Cry game to take on a post-apocalyptic landscape in the series' history.

Far Cry: New Dawn was teased a few days ago by Ubisoft and was promised to be revealed at The Game Awards—and Ubisoft did just that. The game is set after the bombs drop with many unique areas to explore.

The game also teased a potential tie-in with the story of the end of Far Cry 5, which, spoiler alert, ended with a nuke getting dropped on the world and you being trapped with the Father, Joseph Seed, in a nuclear bunker.

The game is set to come out on Feb. 15, 2019.

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