Xbox Rumored To Have 4 Consoles Coming 2019-2020

Xbox Rumored To Have 4 Consoles Coming 2019-2020

New Xbox rumors have been spread around during the last few hours, and they're coming from Thurrott's Brad Sams.

Sams is quite well informed about all things Microsoft, so he should be a reliable source to understand the plans of the console maker.

Indeed, he confirms previous rumors he launched and give more context, especially in reference to the codenames.

A disc-less Xbox One is reportedly coming in Spring 2019, and it should be codenamed Maverick.

The plan that allows you at least in North America to switch your physical copies into digital copies of games is rumored to be codenamed Roma.

On top of that, again as it was already leaked in the recent past, there should be another Xbox One S revision which should be cheaper to manufacture.

While this would all happen in 2019, plans are also moving for what matters 2020 and next-gen.

The Xbox Scarlett family is based around two model.

One is codenamed Lockhart, the most affordable SKU which would be roughly as powerful as an Xbox One X and would serve as a base for streaming games, although with some tweaks under the hood.

Another is codenamed Anaconda, as we've already reported, and should be the Xbox One X of the next generation, the most powerful console around. Dev kit 's codename would be Danta.

The Scarlett console family should still use AMD x86 processors, most likely a Semi-Custom AMD Picasso APU, the same as the Surface family, and use SSD storage to be as fast as possible in loading games and apps.

The next-gen consoles would use the Windows Core OS, the same which serves as a base for the future HoloLens and Surface Hub, and would be tied to the GameCore, an evolution of the UWP platform.

“GameCore will make it significantly easier for developers to utilize Xbox services on both PC and the Xbox and should provide for higher levels of performance with lower-level system access and control of hardware assets,” says Sams.

We could start to hear about these plans next year at E3 2019, so stay tuned for more details and hopefully the wait won't be that long.

Xbox Rumored To Have 4 Consoles Coming 2019-2020

Source: MSPowerUser

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