Death Stranding News Could Be Coming Soon

Aki Saito, head of communications at Kojima Productions, has revealed he could be posting Death Stranding news soon.

Saito has shared a tweet where he claims that, upon reaching 20k or 30k followers on Twitter, he will be posting something surprising about the game.

"I’m almost gonna hit 10K followers! I might think of a special info tweet...," he said on his social network account.

Death Stranding News Could Be Coming Soon

He added he would be posting "something I was surprised about, that you will enjoy! If you like, how about one after 20K...30K...?!".

Of course, we're not anticipating anything big, but at least it'll be something interesting about a game with very little information released from time to time.

Death Stranding doesn't have a release date nor window, although there's a chance it could be coming in late 2019.

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