Anthem Producer Details How VIP Demo Differs From Full Game

Anthem Producer Details How Demo Differs From Full Game

Anthem will be getting a VIP demo in a few days, as it's slated for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.

It's around one month ahead of the official release of the game, but this doesn't mean there won't be any differences between the two versions.

Indeed, executive producer Mark Darrah has shared a quick list to take into consideration when it comes to how the VIP demo differs from the full game.

A few are quite obvious. First, you start "in the middle of the action," with only one "story arc" playable, and don't get any specific tutorial to learn the basics of the gameplay.

On top of that, and this is worth noting, "balance is super different" and the economy too, which means we shouldn't take any final evalutation about the title from the demo when it comes to these two 'details.'

There's "6 weeks less bug fixes," so the build will look a bit rougher than it currently is and will be when the game's out in February.

Finally, PC controls will be "slightly less nuanced," and "few things" have been renamed "for clarity" in the main game.

It's good to take note of this stuff before joining the game, and perhaps be disappointed at what you're going to watch and play.

The VIP demo is set to be available for those who have pre-ordered a copy of Anthem, and EA and Origin Access subscribers. A second demo will be coming for everyone on Feb. 1.

Anthem Producer Details How Demo Differs From Full Game

Source: Twitter

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