Super Mario Maker 2 Direct: Online Modes Revealed

Online and Multiplayer Mode in Super Mario Maker 2 has been greatly expanded from the first Mario Maker game.

In today’s Nintendo Direct, they showcase the different options for online mode for Mario Maker 2. The online mode is called Course World. Though you were capable to play other people’s courses online in the previous Mario Maker, the search options have now been greatly expanded.

In the Courses option in Course World, you can search for courses by Game Style, Course Theme, and Difficulty. Picking a Game Style determines what Mario game you want to play on. Course Theme determines what kind of course it will be; you decided if you want to play on a ground, sea, or air based course.

You can also pick tags to determine what kind of courses to search for. Tags are generalizations of a course. For example, if you pick an auto-scrolling tag, then you’ll search for courses that have auto-scroll.

The first Mario Maker game allowed players to write comments on courses in order to give players feedback. Comments are back, but now players can include pictures or drawing in the course. Players can put comments in the actually course. Comments will show up for other players that play the course. Players can also leave comments to rate the game.

The Direct reveal you can download courses found online, and play them even when on offline mode. This will be a great for those that play the game on handheld mode, and take it outside their homes.

Course World has Maker Profiles, which look and function similar to the Wiis from past Nintendo Consoles. Every player will have an avatar in their Maker Profile that they can customize with different outfits. You can get outfits from completing different objectives in the game. Players can also gain Maker points. You can get Maker Points by having other players play and like the courses you make.

Endless Challenge is another option in Course World. In Endless Challenge, players have the chance to complete as many courses as they can before they finally lose all their lives. The courses are predetermined, and players can pick the difficulty of the challenge. How well you do in Endless Challenge determines your ranking on the Leaderboards.

The fourth option in Course World is Network Play. Network Play allows online multiplayer. You and three other friends can play on the same course. The four main playable characters are Mario, Luigi, Toadette, and Blue Toad.

There are two main options to play in multiplayer. There is Multiplayer Co-Op and Multiplayer Versus. Versus has you race against your fellow co-players in a course. Whoever gets to the end first wins the course. You gain versus points for what you rank in the race. Your versus points raises your versus rating. Multiplayer Co-Op is simply playing a course with four players; you’re not competing, you’re working together to finish the course.

Super Mario Maker 2 is slated to release in June 28.

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