Sony Had A Talk With Amazon Last Year Before Joining Forces With Microsoft

Sony Had A Talk With Amazon Last Year Before Joining Forces With Microsoft

According to a report from Bloomberg, Microsoft wasn't the first choice of Sony when it came to partnering with a big company to build a new streaming service.

Indeed, says the report, Sony and Amazon had a talk last year for a similar deal, but they didn't manage to get an agreement on commercial terms.

This means that the makers of PlayStation were kind of forced to talk with Microsoft since they and Amazon are the biggest players in the cloud services field now.

"The company’s other online game service and main cash cow, PlayStation Network, enables multiplayer matches of games running on PlayStation 4 consoles. For now that is still hosted by the other giant of cloud computing: Amazon Web Services," says Bloomberg.

"Sony and Amazon held talks last year for a deeper collaboration on cloud gaming, but couldn’t agree on commercial terms, according to a person familiar with the matter."

That has led Sony to had a talk with gaming rival Microsoft, someone they would never reach if not forced to do so.

But why Amazon and PS4 platform owner didn't reach an agreement? Based on rumors, Amazon is working on a cloud gaming service itself, as learned last year.

There's a chance that Amazon could have asked a contribution to building its software portfolio, and perhaps they wanted some PlayStation games to be running on that streaming service.

That request would never be accepted if it has never been done, so that could've led to the failure in the discussions.

That's without even taking into account rumors that Nintendo could also be working with Microsoft on its own streaming service. What a time!

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