New trailer and release date for Man of Medan from Until Dawn devs

Supermassive Games, the studio behind PS4 exclusive and huge horror hit Until Dawn, has revealed a new trailer and a release date for Man of Medan, their next project.

The Dark Pictures (Anthology): Man of Medan, was announced last year and looked to be equally as scary as the studio’s 2015 hit and seems to be set on a boat called the Duke of Milan, or at least in the beginning. The trailer then takes you on a journey across the boat, and then into the hull of a larger one, with every turn accompanied by a compass that offers a decision for the player to make.

The game follows a group of five Americans as they travel to the South Pacific Ocean for a vacation, but as is customary for all spooky boat trips into the sea, they are hit by a storm and before long, are trapped inside a sunken, cursed ghost ship. Played in the third person perspective, you control the five as they all make choices that affect the story, while also participating in quick-time events, just to make sure that you’re paying attention. Dark pictures sprawled throughout the ship can also trigger premonitions of what may happen in the future, aiding you on your adventure.

The tweet that announced the trailer and release date included the tagline “Every choice has repercussions - choose wisely,” which means that it’s likely to follow a similar format to Until Dawn, where your actions could lead to character death. How many of the group that can be saved is as yet unknown but it’s likely that it’s possible to save the entire crew (with achievements attached for doing it), so expect multiple playthroughs to get it right!

The British-based developers also created Hidden Agenda, a crime thriller launched in 2017 that was available at a budget price. It won a few awards for its social element, but this is the first full-priced game from the studio since Until Dawn.

The game is due to be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC Digital (no confirmation on Steam or Epic Game Store as of yet) on August 30th this year, though we hope to find out more at E3. You can find the trailer below.

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