Dead Island 2 Is Still "Being Worked On", Says THQ Nordic

Dead Island 2 Is Still "Being Worked On", Says THQ Nordic

Dead Island 2 is one of the biggest mysteries of the generation, and one that doesn't look like is going to be fixed anytime soon.

Just a quick recap before we jump onto today's news.

The game was officially revealed back at E3 2014, and at that time it was in the making at the developer of Spec Ops The Line, Yager, as the original creator at Techland were focusing on Dying Light on their own.

One year later, we learned that Yager had left the project and wasn't working anymore on the game, although label Deep Silver stated that the development would move on the same even without them.

Deep Silver has since been acquired by THQ Nordic (together with its former owner Koch Media), while in the meantime Sumo Digital was picked up as the new developer of the title. This is the last thing we learned about the project before it disappeared from our radar.

Now, in May 2019, THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors once again states that the game is alive and that more news will come soon.

Wingefors said that Dead Island 2, which has at least obtained a new logo which you can see in the slide over here, is still "being worked on," and that fans should "stay tuned" as more news come from the developers.

Our idea is that development has not even entered its full development stage, as Sumo Digital has been busy working on Crackdown 3 for Microsoft and Team Sonic Racing for SEGA lately.

Now that these games have shipped, unless something else has changed of course, there's a bigger chance that DI2 might be seriously in the making.

Our fingers are crossed, but we don't expect anything to drop shortly, and also feel that the project might shift to the next generation of consoles ultimately.


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