Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Delayed To 2020 To Avoid Crunch

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Delayed To 2020 To Avoid Crunch

Cuphead's The Delicious Last Course DLC has been delayed to 2020, as it was expected to release this year. The developers, Studio MDHR, now have more time to polish their final piece of gameplay.

In a statement issued over at Kotaku, co-director Chad Moldenhauer explained why they delayed the game. They hinted at reasons linked to the quality of work at the studio and not only the quality overall of the game -- which has always been stellar, you might agree.

"While we initially announced a 2019 release date for the ‘Delicious Last Course’ expansion, our highest priority is making sure this new adventure meets the meticulous level of care and quality we always strive for," said Moldenhauer. "We want to be absolutely certain that this next adventure feels at home in the world of Cuphead and is full of moments that surprise and delight players."

"Furthermore, the development of the original game taught us a great deal about the importance of making things in a way that’s healthy and sustainable for our team," he said.

This decision was something we do know Studio MDHR had to work on since it's a small team. They had to delay Cuphead's initial release several times before it received a solid release date for the same reason. The topic of crunch is now being talked about by everyone in the games industry, so Studio MDHR took the opportunity to acknowledge it and discuss it publicly much more than in the past.

Honestly, while we're eager to play the DLC, we know we can wait a bit longer if this means that the team works better and have a higher quality work/life balance.

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