Pokémon Sword & Shield introduce Gigantimaxing

Pokemon Sword and Shield

More information for Pokémon Sword and Shield dropped today, including details about new Pokémon, new Gym leaders and more personalities you can expect to see in the Galar region.

Another feature that they introduced is called Gigantimaxing, where Pokémon emerge in an altered, gigantic state. The feature is similar to Dynamaxing, which does not alter the appearance of your Pokémon and instead makes them much larger.

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Gigantimaxing, though, is a rare option, as only certain species of Pokémon are capable of Gigatimaxing. Even those are quite rare. It's similar to the shiny version of a Pokémon, though we do not know the rarity of the Pokémon capable of Gigantimaxing yet.

Pokémon under the effects of Gigantimaxing are capable of pulling off special G-Max moves, powered up attacks exclusive to Gigantimax Pokémon. They receive the same boost in stats that Dynamax Pokémon does, so collecting Pokémon capable of Gigantimaxing may boost your chances the most in battles. It's not yet clear if you can use it more than once in combat. 

Via Nintendo

So far, the only confirmed Gigantimax Pokémon were the previously announced Corviknight and Drednaw, and the newly announced Alcremie.

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