New Super Monkey Ball Game Spotted In Taiwan Ratings

New Super Monkey Ball Game Spotted In Taiwan Ratings

SEGA is reportedly working on a brand new Super Monkey Ball game, as spotted in a listing for games rated in Taiwan. The title doesn't have an official English name at the time being, and the only way to find it in that listing is to type it in Chinese.

As shared by VG247, there's a chance the game has something to do with food, since the name has a reference to "something tasting good." In Japan, SEGA has recently registered the name Tabegoro Super Monkey Ball, so this could be it.

This project is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, but there's been no official announcement. There's no mention to a release date or window, nor we know if this is some remaster/remake or a brand new game in the franchise.

Super Monkey Ball was born as a classic platform game for arcades, then reached Nintendo consoles as GameCube exclusives and at a later stage on PS2 and Xbox. The property has disappeared for several years since the latest entry in the franchise is a PS Vita title launched in 2012.

You can check more information at the link included in the tweet below, in case you're interested in the return of this cult classic series on main consoles. Are you? 

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