Psychonauts 2 Delayed To 2020

We have bad news for the fans of the Double Fine Productions and Psychonauts video game series; Psychonauts 2 has been delayed to next year.

The original Psychonauts is a cult-classic game that was released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 back in 2005. The game centers on a young boy with psychic powers, who runs away to join a summer camp to become a special agent called a psychonaut.

The game was praised for its unique art style and humor, yet sold very poorly when it was released back in 2005.

Double Fine Productions, the developers of Psychonauts, decided to crowdfund the sequel through the website called Fig in 2015. On Fig, the game was able to fund its 3.3 million dollars goal, and it was slated to release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Psychonauts 2 was intended to release some time in 2018, though it was later postponed, no new date was revealed.

At the Xbox E3 2019 presentation, it is announced that Microsoft acquired Double Fine, and this made fans worried that Psychonauts 2 will become an Xbox exclusive, despite the promise of it coming to the PS4.

Double Fine quells those fears in a blog post on Fig; the game is still expected to release on the PS4, as well as on the Xbox One.

In the same blog post, Double Fine revealed that Psychonauts 2 has been delayed to 2020, and the reason mentioned was that they wanted to make the game “as good as possible.”

No official release date for Psychonauts 2 has been given, but it is now expected to release in 2020.

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