PS4 System Update 6.72 Now Available, Here's The Changelog

PS4 System Update 6.72

Sony has released a new system update for PlayStation 4 but, as it often happens, it doesn't include anything significant for your console. The update doesn't come with new features or anything you'll notice once you turn on your console. It comes with improvements to the "system performance."

Make sure you download this update, which brings the PlayStation 4 up to the version 6.72, with a weight of around 463 MB. In case you're starting to feel your PlayStation 4 is a bit outdated, don't worry. The next major update is now in beta and introduces lots of new stuff.

Among the other things, you will find improved party chat, with better audio quality, network connectivity, and increased chatroom size. The PlayStation 4 Second Screen mobile app allows you to enter text spoken aloud to other party members and transcribe incoming chat audio from your friends.

There's a lot on the way if you consider that PlayStation 5 is almost about to drop, releasing in little more than one year from now. It's worth noting that such quality of life improvements are likely coming to the next-gen console once it ships.

In other PlayStation related news, you might've heard about the rumored PlayStation Plus games coming for free as part of the PS Plus lineup in Aug. These reportedly include two titles from publisher Electronic Arts.

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