Death Stranding Cover Revealed

Death Stranding Box Art

Hideo Kojima has revealed the cover art for Death Stranding, along with other new information concerning the game at the San Diego Comic-Con. At a panel, he surprised the crowd by showcasing the cover art for his upcoming game, Death Stranding.

He showed off two different covers for the game. There’s the normal cover, which is simply a plain cover with only just Norman Reedus’ character.

Death Stranding Normal Cover

The second cover is the steelbook version of the game. The cover also only has Reedus’ character, but this time he is covered with black liquids. The steelbook version of the game is included in the Death Stranding Special Edition and the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition.

Death Stranding Steelbook Cover

Another big surprise at the panel is that film director Nicolas Winding Refn will be making a surprise appearance in the game. Refn is the director of 2011’s Drive and 2013’s God Forgives. Refn will be playing a character named Heartman in Death Stranding.

They later showed off a brief video with Refn as Heartman in the game.

Death Stranding has been short of an enigma. While plenty of information of the game has been released, including gameplay videos and synopsis, players are still puzzled with what kind of game it is supposed to be. Reedus plays the lead character, who lives in a world where people live in isolation, in things called the “Wall.” The goal of the game is to reconnect isolated societies.

Death Stranding features an all-star cast that includes Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and film director, Guillermo del Toro. The game is slated to release on November 8.

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