Metal Gear Solid 5: Demon Edition To Release This Year, Rework Story And Characters - Rumor

Metal Gear Solid 5: Demon Edition

According to a rumor popped up on 4chan and shared on Resetera, Konami might be revealing Metal Gear Solid 5: Daemon Edition at Gamescom in a couple of weeks. The edition would be a rework of the original game with new cut-scenes and new roles for existing characters, with some added and some cut.

Based on the rumor, we learn that Big Boss being voiced by Richard Doyle, his MGS4 voice actor. Kiefer is, however, still in, voicing Ishmael and the Medic; James Horan as Skullface, and Downes as Kaz would be the sole returning actors from the original.

This edition would be led by Fukushima, also being the main writer, and a team of Metal Gear veterans, including people involved in Portable Ops and Ghost Babel. Ground Zeroes would be fully integrated into the story and serve as an expanded prologue.

Among the things that would be reworked we can find Quiet, who'd be now split into two different characters: the original dying at the hospital, set on fire by Ishmael, and another, serving as the AI buddy throughout the story, now being a fully clothed Ukraine sniper called Albatross and associated with Ocelot.

Kaz, Huey, Ocelot, and Skullface would keep their original roles while Code Talker would be completely cut, and new buddies would include the Battle Gear previously cut from the game and Red; Chico would be included as a mid-game boss.

Finally, Konami would be greenlighting the project as a service game, cutting the Metal Gear Online portion but adding from time to time secondary missions as DLC. The Kingdom of the Flies mission would be a pre-order bonus, and the release date would be December for PC, PS4 and Xbox One; Nintendo Switch would be getting a vanilla port.

Of course, this is a huge rumor and one of those you simply can't verify, so handle it with all the necessary care.

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