New State of Play On November 1 To Reveal The Last of Us Part II May 2020 Release?

New State of Play On November 1 To Reveal The Last of Us Part II May 2020 Release?

A new rumor is coming from 4chan hints at a new State of Play coming Nov. 1, 2019. It's a week before the release of the much anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding from Kojima Productions.

According to this rumor, the State of Play "will have a similar but slightly longer duration" in comparison to the previous. The other State of Play got leaked as we learned about it featuring Final Fantasy VII Remake days before it launched.

Sony has already chosen titles included in the stream. They include Death Stranding, with a launch trailer, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which seems a bit less likely, and The Last of Us Part II.

In particular, The Last of Us Part II is coming to the State of Play with a new trailer and a release date slated for May 2020. This window is deeper into 2020 in comparison with the previous rumors, where it got hinted at a possible February launch on top of a more generic "early 2020".

As we said, the latest State of Play was at least partially revealed in terms of content via a leak. So it wouldn't be the first time we have information about it before it launches. However, we were told multiple times about its episodes which have never shipped and precisely one about The Last of Us Part II.

In that case, we don't know whether it was pushed back for some reason or it was a piece of fake news like many others on the Internet. So, be careful when handling such news before jumping to conclusions of any kind.

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