Latest Epic Games Update Adds Cloud Saves

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Epic Games is catching up with the rest of the gaming world. The latest update from the publisher adds a much-needed cloud saving feature, bringing it closer in the race against Steam.

Reported first by Polygon, cloud saves are part of the latest update from Epic Games. The feature only works with a handful or so games for now. Only 17 games have this following the update, and many of those games were free downloads.

Cloud saves are a lifesaver. Data losses are a problem, even for the most cautious of users. As someone that recently had their gaming computer’s main hard drive fail, I understand the need for cloud saves. Sure I had to redownload everything, but thanks to Steam’s cloud synchronization, my game files were still there, and no progress was lost. 

Epic Game users have been asking for this feature for some time. Epic is already dealing with some negative press thanks to their six months exclusive release of Borderlands 3 on PC, among other titles that have chosen the Epic Games Store for an exclusive contract over Steam.

Steam users are less than pleased, and as a result, anything Epic can do to bring itself up to par with Steam benefits it in the long run. Adding cloud saves will go a long way, once it adds some more games, that is.

Epic Games likes to point out that a cloud save feature technically existed thanks to Ubisoft. Anyone with a Uplay account already has cloud saving. But that doesn’t include all of the games in their store. Epic says it will continue to work with developers about cloud saves for upcoming games and will be adding the feature over time. New games should have the feature at launch.

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