A Battlefield 6 alpha may launch in July

The rumor mill for Battlefield 6 churns on.

Image via EA

It’s been nearly three years since the release of the last Battlefield title, and suffice to say, fans are hungry for a new entry. A new Battlefield title is almost guaranteed to release sometime this year, but everything is simply speculation without an official announcement from Electronic Arts. With an EA Play event coming this summer, we should find out if another Battlefield game is coming very soon. However, according to Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, we’ll be getting more than an announcement at the EA Play event. According to Henderson, an alpha for the next Battlefield game may also be going live in July.

Henderson has previously shared screenshots and video clips from what he claimed to be the upcoming Battlefield game. Now, he seems certain that an alpha will come alongside the game’s official announcement. “The Battlefield Alpha should be July,” wrote Henderson on Twitter. “With the announcement being made at EA Play. Could be an ‘Oh and the Battlefield Alpha is available to play right now type of deal at the event.”

It wouldn’t be the first time a Battlefield game opens itself up to players with an Alpha. Battlefield V had multiple closed alpha tests, so another for the upcoming entry in the franchise isn’t impossible to imagine. Since this is all coming from a leak, best to take the possibility of another Battlefield alpha this July with a grain of salt.