Josef Fares: EA Is Not Making A Single Dollar Out Of A Way Out


A Way Out is this year’s most awaited and highly anticipated Co-op game. The game is developed by Hazelight, the same studio that worked on the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Josef Fares is the man that is looking after the development work on A Way Out. The game recently went gold i.e. all development work on the game is complete and the master disc carrying the final code is on the way to the factory for replication and distribution. This means Josef Fares has all the time in the world to invite select few media outlets to the studio and let them try out few portions of the game and get those early impressions out on the internet as a last minute marketing strategy.

A Way Out - The Deal Between Josef Fares and Electronic Arts Revealed

Our friend at TheSixthAxis was recently invited to the Hazelight Studio to try out a few snippets of A Way Out and have small chat with Josef Fares, and both these thing went very well. One of the questions that Josef Fares faced from TheSixthAxis: What are the conditions EA has laid down to finance A Way Out under EA Originals brand, and this is what Josef Fares replied: “EA is not making a single dollar out of this (A Way Out)”. All the profit is going to the developer.

“Here’s the thing, and you have to understand this: with this deal that I have for this game, EA is not making a single dollar out of this. Every single dollar is going to the developer. They’re not even making any money and all I’ve got is support from EA.”

Josef Fares further added that EA has been supportive right from the Day 1 of the development of A Way Out, not even questioned his vision because he won’t allow them to.

“They’ve not questioned the vision – they can’t because I won’t allow it – so they’ve been super supportive all the way. Even with this buy one [Friend Pass] thing, no problem.”

This is not the very first time Josef Fares supported Electronic Arts for the way they have supported him and Hazelight for A Way Out. At The Game Awards 2017, Fares in a live interview with Geoff Keighley stated these things about Electronic Arts – don’t miss it, watch till the end. A Way Out is scheduled to launch on March 23, 2018. It is not the traditional co-op game, brings a lot more to the table of the players. Here is a list of Top 10 Facts That You Must Know Before Buying A Way Out.