Aaron Greenberg Just Met Ninja Theory, Any News At X018?


Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg has revealed on Twitter that he has just met the team at Ninja Theory.

Of course, he hasn’t shared the reasons why he wanted to meet the team, but there’s a chance they’re preparing some kind of reveal.

Ninja Theory has released Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice in 2017, with the Xbox One version dropped only this year.

This is the reason why I wouldn’t expect them to unleash some sort of announcement already in the next few months.

“Great day of meetings with the team here at Ninja Theory Excited to be working with such a talented and creative team who brings so much unique passion to everything they do!,” he said.

Aaron Greenberg Just Met Ninja Theory, Any News At X018?

Anyway, this visit and the fact it’s being made public are leading to believe that there’s something we might be informed about soon.

With X018 coming on November 10, we could have an early look at what Ninja Theory could’ve been making since the acquisition by Microsoft Studios.

Talking with the fans on Twitter, Greenberg also had fond memories and words about Enslaved, one of the titles of the British studio, so there could be a chance for a similar game to come from the team in the future.

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