Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Suggests An Undecided Follower To Buy An Xbox One


The weekend is always a fun moment, even though always shorter, where execs get way more casual than they are required to be throughout the week. And the same goes for Microsoft’s bosses and their Twitter accounts.

On March 17, for example, Aaron Greenberg – the boss of Xbox consoles marketing – even suggested a guy who had doubts about which console he should buy to grab an Xbox One.

Xbox One - Aaron Greenberg Suggests A Follower To Buy Xbox One

It’s a quite unique marketing type, I’d say, a strategy where Greenberg would go on Twitter and suggest each and every undecided follower he spots to buy an Xbox One. Or something very funny, at least…

“If it helps the only console you can play PUBG on is @Xbox One,” he told his follower, in some kind of banner of an ad like the ones that every day get out of nowhere on our Internet browser.

“Yeah I know, I have a PS4 but want the Pro. I already have an Xbox one but I’m letting my lil bro use it. Was thinking about buying another one so I can try PUBG. Fortnite got boring to me,” the follower said.

Now we’ll all be here waiting to know what the good guy will be buying as a third console for his family! And when I say “we”, that most probably includes Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, too…