Abandoned dev Bluebox Studios releases statement after receiving harassment and death threats

There are human beings behind this.


Image via Sony

The people behind the controversial Abandoned have taken to Twitter to respond to the amount of harassment they’ve received since the game’s announcement. The statement discusses the team’s commitment to fostering a healthy and safe environment for its employees— one which has been compromised due to death threats. These threats were initially directed at Bluebox Studios months ago, but they’ve been resurfacing again recently.

Because online harassment has taken such a toll on the studio, they said they will begin giving evidence such as IP addresses and chat logs to authorities. The account ends the post by begging people to give them space and wait for further news on the Abandoned project.

Abandoned has caused tons of uproar online since its announcement early this year. In the six months since the initial reveal, they’ve been mired in all manner of controversy ranging from the studio head himself needing to provide evidence that he isn’t Kojima to the anticlimactic PlayStation application. Different subsets of the online community either believe Abandoned is a front for the cancelled Silent Hills or that the whole project is a scam. Regardless of whatever comes to fruition concerning Bluebox Studios’ work, harassment should be taken seriously.