Activision Reportedly Publishing 3rd Party IP To Replace Destiny

Destiny 2

A few months ago, it got announced that Activision and Bungie were parting ways after years of a partnership established for the release and sustainment of the Destiny IP. Now it looks like Activision is looking into something similar for the future.

There’s a chance that the publisher might be reaching a similar deal with an external developer to help release a big “new third party IP.” This information comes from TheGamingRevolution, who are usually very well informed about all things Call of Duty.

“Apparently, 10 different Activision projects have begun across their studios, not just the COD studios,” The Gaming Revolution told his followers on Twitter. “3 are Call of Duty; one is a new third party IP to replace the gap that Destiny once filled.”

Back in the days, it didn’t seem like the publisher was genuinely interested in further investing in other developers’ intellectual properties. Instead of being more keen into spending on its intellectual properties and sustaining them for longer lifecycles, such as Call of Duty multiplayer modes.

It looks like there’s the will to fill that gap somehow, and I’m looking forward to this as with the financial resources that Activision could bring in. Sure enough, there’s some developer out there who could take advantage of that and build a brand new, bold universe that it wouldn’t manage to craft otherwise.