Actor’s tweet seemingly confirms Horizon Forbidden West DLC by accident


Image via Guerrilla Games

American actor Lance Reddick sent out a tweet revealing he is hard at work in a new session for Horizon Forbidden West. The tweet even had a video of the actor with white dots covering his face for motion capturing. The problem is that Forbidden West has been out since February 18, and the game hasn’t announced DLC yet. Reddick has since deleted his tweet, suggesting the actor unintentionally revealed that more Horizon content is coming.

Though Reddick didn’t tweet out what kind of work he’s doing for Forbidden West, fans have theorized he is working on the DLC for Forbidden West. Sony hasn’t officially announced DLC for Forbidden West, but given the success of the game, it makes sense for it to get DLC. The original Horizon Zero Dawn did receive a DLC expansion called The Frozen Wilds, which included a new area for players to explore and an expansive new story mode. If DLC is coming to Forbidden West, it will most likely take the same form as the original Zero Dawn and be an expansion with a brand new land for players to trek.

The original tweet isn’t on Reddick’s Twitter account, but Okami Games on Twitter has saved the tweet as a screenshot. Reddick is a prolific American actor and voice-over artist who has worked on several movies, television, and video games. He has had prominent roles in Bosch, Fringe, and The Wire, and was even Albert Wesker in Netflix’s canceled Resident Evil show. He voices and does the mocap for Sylens, one of the main characters in the Horizon series and an ally for the playable protagonist Aloy.

The Horizon series takes place in a post-apocalyptic work where robotic beasts roam the planet. Forbidden West continues the story of Aloy, a young woman born in the new world who seeks to discover the secrets of the planet.