After the Fall shoots its way onto PS VR “soon,” supports cross-platform multiplayer

Vertigo Games’ follow up to Arizona Sunshine is almost ready for primetime.

Image via Vertigo Games

Vertigo Games is the team behind the popular VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine. The game was hit on release and has seen several updates drop over the years. However, it’s time for the team to kick off something new. They’re staying in the shooter genre but moving on to snowbreed, a new type of zombie that’s sure to give you and your friends some trouble. After the Fall was revealed last year, but we’ve finally gotten another look at it alongside news that’s dropping on PS VR very soon.

After the Fall is billing itself as “the most intense” VR shooter out there. While it’s hard to tell from the cinematic trailers they’ve shared thus far, we should have a better idea once they drop their new gameplay trailer in a few weeks. That said, if you’ve played Arizona Sunshine, you probably know what you’re getting into.

Not only is the game coming soon, but we got confirmation that it will support cross-platform multiplayer. So if your co-op buddy has PS VR and you have an Oculus Rift, you’ll still be able to play together. That’s a welcome addition, as the VR playerbase is still relatively limited. Letting everyone play together makes it that much easier to sustain a community.

Of course, After the Fall wasn’t the only game PlayStation featured on its VR Showcase today. We also got a look at Doom 3: VR Edition, I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar, and Fracked. Fracked, in particular, looks like it could be a fun mix of gunplay and interactivity. Plus, we saw the survival game Song in the Smoke from the developers of Galak-Z. That game was a treat, so hopefully, we have another hit on our hands.

Finally, PlayStation gave us a look at a VR MMO called Zenith that is fascinating in at least in its concept. The idea of grinding away at a massive MMORPG seems like an insane task for a developer, but what they have shown so far looks promising.