Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Raises Record-Breaking $3.1 for Prevent Cancer Foundation

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Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual celebration of all things speedrunning, has set another fundraising record. According to its organizing, this year’s gaming marathon raised $3.13 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a more than $700,000 increase over last year’s fundraising total.

This year marks the 10th anniversary for AGDQ, which has grown from raising just $10,000 in its first year to getting over $1 million in donations for the last seven years in a row. AGDQ 2020 crossed more than one significant milestone, becoming the first to raise more than $3 million for charity and receiving more individual donations than any previous iteration. Next year’s AGDQ has been announced to run from Jan. 3 to 10, though its venue hasn’t yet been announced. Past events have been held in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

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Held in Orlando, Florida, AGDQ 2020 attracted more than 2,750 people to watch the speedrunning shenanigans in person. The entire week-long event was also streamed live on Twitch, with an audience of more than 236,000 concurrent viewers at its peak.

Highlights from AGDQ 2020 are available on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel, along with videos from previous years. Some of this year’s notable blazing fast runs include the Doom expansion SIGIL and The Outer Worlds; each finished in under 15 minutes. A playthrough of the Fallout franchise in just over two hours and 15 minutes, which includes the runner busting out some real-world props to explain a glitch he’s exploiting.

Along with AGDQ held each January, Games Done Quick also encompasses the aptly named Summer Games Done Quick, which typically runs sometime between late June and early August. SGDQ 2019 was the first GDQ event ever to raise $3 million, coming in about $100,000 under this year’s AGDQ total. Since 2013, SGDQ has grown donations for Doctors Without Borders. This year’s SGDQ will be held June 21 to 28 in Bloomington, Minnesota.