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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition enters India with new expansion this month

It brings three new civilizations and campaigns.

If an Age of Empires game is considered “definitive,” then it ought to include civilizations from all over the world. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition added Western Europe and the Mediterranean with its Lords of the West expansion, and Dawn of the Dukes took the conquest to Central and Eastern Europe. Next up, India.

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As revealed in a new trailer, the third expansion is titled Dynasties of India. It focuses on the Indian subcontinent with three new civilizations, each with their own perks, unique units, and unique techs. The Bengalis, the Dravidians, and the Gurjaras are all making their debut in Definitive Edition, and the existing general Indian faction has been retooled as the Hindustanis instead. They’re already available in the base game, so you’ll see that change even if you don’t purchase Dynasties of India.

Along with three factions come three fully-voiced campaigns. Tamerlane descendant Babur wants to restore his forefather’s empire, politician Rajendra tries to navigate the corrupt southern Indian bureaucracy, and Buddhist emperor Devapala strives to protect his existing kingdom.

One thing the trailer doesn’t include is the expansion’s release date, but Steam informs us that it’s Thursday, April 28. Dynasties of India will be available there and on the Windows Store. As an Xbox Game Studios title, the base game is available on Game Pass for PC. We’re still waiting on a potential Xbox console release too.

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