Alan Wake Remaster Could Be Coming To PS4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

Alan Wake Remaster Could Be Coming To PS4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

Alan Wake could get a remaster very soon, according to a new rumor that is spreading its wings on the Internet over the last few hours. The rumor comes from a video from YouTuber Doctre81 and has acquired certain popularity on the ResetEra forums.

It is based on a LinkedIn page of a Virtuos staff member, who claims to be working on a “remake” of a “3A” person action-adventure game. Virtuos has already a history of working with Remedy, as they’ve cooperated on the release of Quantum Break for PC and Xbox One a few years ago.

The remaster is claimed to be releasing at a certain point on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which would make it for the first time that Alan Wake is playable on the move. It is not clear what kind of work could be done on the game outside of an upscale and some tweaks as we’re used to, although the Switch version could be a simple port.

Speculation about a remaster has been all over the place for Alan Wake since the days when Remedy acquired the IP back from Microsoft, now having the freedom to do whatever they want to with it. It’s also clear that the studio is willing to work again on the franchise, as noted by creative director Sam Lake, even though things are a bit more difficult for a proper sequel.

Could it be that a remaster might help things get easier, at least from a financial standpoint?

Alan Wake Remaster Coming From Virtuos Games For Nintendo Switch?

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