Is Alcremie an Evolution of Slurpuff?

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer treated us some sweet new Pokémon. Literally. One of the latest editions to the Galar region is Alcremie, a charming little fairy type that appears to be made of strawberries and cream. Certainly not the first fairy type Pokémon to resemble a dessert, Alcremie bears a resemblance to the Swirlix line, prompting many fans to wonder if this is an evolution for Slurpuff.

Not much is known about Alcremie yet, beyond what we’ve seen in the trailer. It’s known as the “Cream Pokémon” and has some official information on Pokémon’s Sword and Shield website. Its attacks are whipped cream based, and the cream is edible and “invariably delicious.” In battle, the cream has a “soothing effect” that causes any opponent that attempts to eat it to “rapidly lose the will to battle.” Of course, according to Pokémon’s official entry for Alcremie, it also uses this to blind opponents as well as distract them. I don’t think that’s very soothed, but as long as it works.

Theories swarmed around Alcremie, the primary one being: Alcremie is Slurpuff’s evolution. I admit this one has traction. After all, it’s a dessert based fairy type. And we have seen that before.

Slurpuff from Bulbapedia

Slurpuff was one of the first official fairy types released in Pokémon X and Y when the fairy typing first debuted — known as the “Meringue Pokemon” Slurpuff closely resembles Alcremie in terms of palette, design, and even theme. Both have a fluffy dessert appearance to them, with soft pinks and whites as their primary colors. There’s also the typing to consider, both pure fairy types. While that itself doesn’t mean much, there aren’t exactly many fairy dessert Pokémon out there, and the only other two are part of an evolutionary chain. Design-wise, there’s also something physically similar: the hair, for lack of a better word. Slurpuff has a similar style, with two pieces of hair falling around its face. The same can be said for Alcremie, although it looks far more human than our pastry pup here.

If there’s an argument to be made for, then there’s one against. Ultimately Slurpuff and it’s base form, Swirlix, held a very canine theme. They are cute and bouncy with their tongues lolling to one side. That trend is not seen in Alcremie, which would be a significant visual break from the previous evolutionary stages.

Not that we haven’t seen that before. Looking at you, Dragonite.

Another thing to consider is how Swirlix evolves into Slurpuff via trade. Not that the creators of Pokémon cannot develop another method of evolution, but it seems odd that something that evolved via trade would later evolve again. Perhaps that’s just my rigid gen one understanding kicking in.

In the end, nothing has been confirmed one way or the other, but I would personally hope it is an evolution. That said, even with a case strongly for it, I don’t believe it to be.

And now, I need a pastry.