Alien Isolation Digital Series Debuts On IGN


Almost five years after its initial release, the Alien: Isolation video game now has its own digital series.

First revealed yesterday, the new Alien: Isolation digital series is an IGN exclusive series. All seven episodes were released on IGN at 9 A.M. PT. 20th Century Fox, the studio that owns the right to the Alien movies, is involved with the new series.

Alien: Isolation takes place between the Alien and Aliens movies. The game centers on Amanda Ripley, daughter of the franchise’s protagonist, Ellen Ripley. After the events of Alien, Ellen goes into stasis and isn’t woken up until decades into the future during the events of Aliens. Her daughter, Amanda, spends 15 years looking for her. Amanda’s quest ultimately leads her in the crossfire of a Xenomorph, which is what leads into Alien: Isolation.

Earlier this year, the mobile game Alien: Blackout was released. Blackout and this new web series have fans wondering if there will be a mainline continuation of Alien: Isolation. Isolation was very popular among fans, especially since it came not long after the disastrous Aliens: Colonial Marines game. Isolation had an incredibly smart Xenomorph AI, making the game intense and scary.

Whatever future holds for the Alien series in video game form, all these new information feels appropriate since it is the Alien franchise’s 40th anniversary this year.

Watch the Alien: Isolation digital series on IGN right now.