All of the changes in the Xbox One June 2020 update

Everything that is new in the June 2020 update for Xbox One.

Xbox Series X

Anyone who has an Xbox One update might be noticing a few small changes the next time they log into their account. The June 2020 system update has gone live for everyone (those in the Insider program have had the changes for about the last month) and brings some simplification to your digital library and more. Here are all of the changes that come in the update.

Digital game overlays

The first change is now the digital games you have downloaded will have an overlay if they were downloaded via Xbox Game Pass, Games With Gold, or EA Access. If the downloaded game was downloaded through one of those services, there will now be a small icon on the tile itself showing where it came from. This is useful for anyone looking to free up space and needing a reminder if they actually purchased a game or not.

Profile badge


A very small inclusion, now you will see a badge next to your gamertag in either the guide or home screen if you are subscribed to Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In addition, if you have subscribed to Game Pass, a block for the service will be added to the top of your home screen so you can quickly see the entire library and choose what you want to download.

Verification for official clubs

The clubs service on Xbox One allows for fans of the same game to have an area to discuss their favorite games. Up until this point though, it had been a little difficult to decide which clubs were made by the developers and which were fan clubs. Now the official club of each game will have a little checkmark next to them like you would see on Twitter.