All The Last of Us Part II Teasers Dropped Before State Of Play


It’s been a very long run for The Last of Us Part II, with the game first announced at the PlayStation Experience in late 2016 and then popping up very few times for the last three years.

Now, we have it re-appearing at the State of Play that Sony will be hosting later today at 1 pm PT (or 10 pm CET if you live in that timezone) and this will probably be the occasion not only for a gameplay trailer but also for a release date, which should be fixed between February and May 2020.

The re-appearance has been teased multiple times by Naughty Dog on social networks, with several gifs shared on their accounts to hint at things that are coming our way with this new trailer, and details are all over the place.

Teasers have included a knife, which is being used by Ellie in one of the trailers released thus far; a hammer, to “free them of their sins,” so it’s likely going to be used by our enemies, who belong to a mysterious and dangerous cult.

A bracelet, which was worn by Dina during the kiss scene we watched at E3 2018 and then by Ellie – she probably gifted it to her or, as a theory, we read on the Internet claims, she was killed, and her girlfriend took it on her quest for revenge; finally, a watch.

The watch is the broken one that Joel had been wearing throughout the original The Last of Us, which is hinting at the debut of the character in TLOU 2‘s trailers – he’s never appeared in any of the previous, and that led people to believe he was dead.

Voice actor Troy Baker also shared the teaser, so it’s confirmed that Joel will be there. Someone even believed that the time on the watch was a hint to the release date, but all the possible combinations are for Sundays or Mondays, which are never release dates in the West.

So, that’s it for now, even though there’s a chance that another teaser pops up on Twitter over the next few hours and we could get even more details ahead of the broadcast. Stay tuned for all the news as soon as they are delivered on today’s State of Play.